• Reliability

    For 38 years, VaporTech has specialized in providing quality vapor recovery units.

    Our commitment to building reliable packages is highlighted by customer feedback on VaporTech equipment that has been operating trouble free for decades.

  • Environmental Management

    We deliver vapor recovery and fugitive emission solutions to customers throughout the world.

    VaporTech’s experience and know-how enable companies to meet or exceed environmental emissions standards.

  • Return on Investment

    Other benefits aside, financial analysis on a VaporTech VRU is often straight-forward.

    A positive rate of ROI is achieved through recovered product.

  • User-Friendly Design

    A VaporTech VRU is designed with the end-user in mind.

    Safe, reliable, efficient and Operations & Maintenance friendly.

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Services & Solutions


VaporTech operates an ASME qualified “U” stamp fabrication shop. We offer a one-stop-shop for all the key elements in executing a vapor recovery solution: qualified pressure pipe and vessel shop, a CWB certified structural steel shop, instrumentation and panel design / build, complete electrical design and build as well as blast / paint and final assembly and testing.


VaporTech offers a complete design service for vapor recovery and fugitive emission gathering and compression. Tank farms, separation equipment, loading facilities and SAGD operations all present unique vapor recovery problems. We can propose a current design, develop a unique approach or redesign existing systems to resolve vapor recovery problems. VaporTech has a proven record of providing cost effective and reliable VRU solutions for more than 30 years.


A well-built and controlled VRU is often purpose built. If you have a VRU at one location you would like to redeploy to another, VaporTech offers a complete redesign and reinstallation service. We will come to site, review the existing equipment and either move and rebuild or remanufacture at our plant, then ship to location, install and commission the new application.


VaporTech offers a complete field VRU commissioning and start-up service. We will advise on installation and send qualified commissioning specialists to site to supervise the start-up of a VaporTech VRU including controls and operations.


VaporTech maintains a fleet of field service vehicles and highly trained service technicians skilled in the diagnosis of compressor, driver and control problems. Vapor recovery systems can be very controls oriented, and a VaporTech technician is trained to troubleshoot and repair complex control and equipment performance problems.


VaporTech keeps a complete inventory of overhaul and repair parts for rotary vane, liquid ring, reciprocating and screw compressors.

Specializing in RoFlo rotary vanes as well as Blackmer reciprocating compressors. Parts are available 24/7 from our plant.