• Reliability

    For over 40 years, VaporTech has specialized in providing quality vapor recovery units.

    Our commitment to building reliable packages is highlighted by customer feedback on VaporTech equipment that has been operating trouble free for decades.

  • Environmental Management

    We deliver vapor recovery and fugitive emission solutions to customers throughout the world.

    VaporTech’s experience and know-how enable companies to meet or exceed environmental emissions standards.

  • Return on Investment

    Other benefits aside, financial analysis on a VaporTech VRU is often straight-forward.

    A positive rate of ROI is achieved through recovered product.

  • User-Friendly Design

    A VaporTech VRU is designed with the end-user in mind.

    Safe, reliable, efficient and Operations & Maintenance friendly.

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An Originator of Canadian CleanTech

Companies around the world have relied on VaporTech for over 40 years to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective vapor recovery and fugitive emission solutions.

Operating out of our new Spruce Grove facility, VaporTech supplies vapor recovery units (VRUs) to EPC, E&P and Pipeline companies. We are highly experienced at packaging rotary vane, liquid ring, reciprocating and screw compressor technology in VRUs. From our first tank VRUs to complex multi-train mixed VRU packages of today, VaporTech provides intelligent operator-friendly design and unequalled reliability in emission recovery environments.

We take significant pride in the 500+ VRUs VaporTech has built over the past four decades; many are still in use today. These long term packages demonstrate the high standards of quality that have been the hallmark of VaporTech since 1977.